We at UIA Solutions are proud to offer your business with superior and cost efficient storage solutions, ranging from simple NAS systems to brand new File Storage Servers. Additionally we can provide you with full onsite installation and future support needs.


A Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows you to quickly store files and share them between others with an affordable and easy way. These offer various features such as: Solid Read/Write Speed, Sharing files, Backing up data, and much more. We recommend this solution if you are on a tight budget and would like to start small.

CLUstered storage array

A Clustered Storage Array or a "Scale Out NAS" means that the storage server itself is comprised of multiple nodes(Servers). This allows the server to be scaled up to several petabytes based on your needs and allows for incredibly high performance transfer speeds with the added benefits of high availability. Although at a higher cost, this server will provide you with the most versatility and performance.

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The Ability to edit directly from the Storage Server.


Be able to access your files from anywhere on the network.


Use this solution as your main back up in case something goes wrong.

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High Performance Storage servers allow you to use them as Render Nodes.


Using 10+ Gig networking you have access to incredibly high performance.


Clustering allows us to have the storage avialable as long as 1 node is online.