Network attached storage

A network attached storage is a file-level storage server that is directly connected to your network to provide direct data access to all clients connected. It is a simple, easy to maintain, and cost effective way to increase your businesses storage capabilities.


Why should network attached storage be considered an option?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows you to quickly store files and share them between others with an affordable and easy way. These offer various features such as: Solid Read/Write Speed, Sharing files, Backing up data, and much more. 

To the right you will see some of the form factors that we offer, such as Tower and Rack Chassis.

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A NAS is by far the cheapest solution, it allows you to have similar high performance, but at a price you will be more comfortable with. 

The ability to upgrade a NAS capacity is simple and fast; however, there is a performance limit at a certain point.

The reliability of a NAS is made possible by its simple design. There are not as many parts as an Array, which makes it less likely for things to go wrong.

A NAS is the best way to push your business to the next level without all the headache from a complex solution.