Clustered Storage Array

A Clustered Storage Array or a "Scale Out NAS" means that the storage server itself is comprised of multiple nodes(Servers). This allows the server to be scaled up to several petabytes based on your needs and allows for incredibly high performance transfer speeds with the added benefits of high availability. Although at a higher cost, this server will provide you with the most versatility and performance.



Why you should chose a  Clustered Storage Array

A Clustered Storage Array gives you the freedom and flexibility to start small and easily expand based on your companies growth. If you are looking to cut time spent waiting on file transfers, the array is capable of 10x the traditional transfer speeds.

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De Duplication




De-Duplication is a process that will save you important space by deleting multiple copies of the same file.

An Array has almost an unlimited ability to grow. As you need more Speed and Capacity, we simply add a new node.

The most notable aspect of an array is its ability to be up almost 24/7, if one node needs maintenance it can be turned off without affecting access to your files. 

By using multiple node bandwidth spread through all the nodes. This gives you overall better Transfer Speeds and increased bandwidth.